Teacher Karryn - The owner and the ‘undoer’ of any rules and regulations that the teachers try implement. Karryn is banned from the classroom during lesson time.
The kidz love her and she loves the kidz the mostest.

Teacher Caileen lives on a farm in George and is our Head of Academics. She teaches in a high school in the area, When she visits us she brings a natural warmth and enthusiasm to her classroom. Caileen works closely with our teachers to ensure that our high standards of care and the Highscope Way are adhered to.

We hit the jackpot when Fezeka accepted our offer of employment. Fezeka possesses all the qualities and characteristics that we require of our principal. ‘Fezzie,’ as our children fondly call her, is smart with heart. We consider her to be our first born. When it’s time for our kidz to enjoy free play, we will probably find Fezzie on the jungle gym, or swirling down the firemen’s pole. She takes ‘ Play with a Purpose,’ to a whole new level.

As the youngest member of our team, it is apt that Teacher Paige’s focus will be to develope our baby and toddler area. Teacher Paige loves to work and stimulate young minds by using her gift of creativity in all areas of learning.

A Teacher Assistant that will take any and every opportunity to engage in an activity which involves running around the playground with our kidz. We think she could secretly be training for the Comrades Marathon!

Meet Octavia - an assistant teacher who radiates joy. Octavia loves to read, cook and listen to music.
She enjoys watching soccer. Kaizer Chiefs being her team. Mama Gracie supports Pirates...

Our Resident Chef ensures our kidz are served nutritious and healthy meals.
Mama Gracie is an Orlando Pirates supporter.

There is very little that our super-efficient Grounds and Handy Man is not able to do to keep our school in pristine condition. Duncan loves to sing. We can often hear him singing as he goes about doing his chores.